DIANNE HARMAN – A Gracious Tour De Force

I first ‘met’ Ddianneharmanphotoianne Harman several years ago online, through a support group called ASMSG. From the start, I was very impressed with her “Blue Coyote Motel,” a wonderful book in the fine tradition of the Twilight Zone TV show. She created a series from that, adding several more novels.  A great storyteller, she continued on, experimenting with a more political book. Then came her first cozy murder mystery and, as they say, the rest is history. Now, with over twenty-seven best selling cozy murder mysteries under her belt, as well as a new genre  recently out (see below), I feel she is a TRUE Tour De Force. When you visit her Amazon page, you will also see all the various book sets she has set up. The woman is the very epitome of prolific!

Yet, in spite of her tremendous success, she has always been extremely willing to help other authors at the drop of a hat. Along with her combination of talendianneharmanbluecoyotemotelt and drive, she has also maintained her graciousness throughout. Thank you so much, Dianne, for your continual guidance and your ever- ready responses to my rookie questions!

Click here for her Amazon Page with all her many books: 


Dianne Harman draws her stories and characters from a diverse business and personal background. She owned a national antique and art appraisal business for many years, left that industry, and opened two yoga centers where she taught and certified yoga instructors. She’s traveled extensively throughout the world and loves nothing more than cooking, playing backgammon with her husband, Tom, and throwing the ball for their dog, Kelly.

Being a dog lover and having attended numerous cooking schools, she couldn’t resist writing about food and dogs. She’s the author of three cozy mystery series: Cedar Bay, Liz Lucas, High Desert, Midwest, and Jack Trout. Each of these books contains recipes from her travels. Alexis, the first book in the Midlife Journey Series was recently published. This series deals with events that occur in midlife, such as divorce, death, career changes, children leaving home, etc. She’s also the author of the award-winning suspenseful Coyote Series.

A number of books in her cozy mystery series have been designated by Amazon as All-Stars because of their sales, and Dianne has been named by Amazon seven times as one of their most popular authors. Murder in the Pearl District was chosen by Amazon to be one of their Mystery book in their October, 2016 homage of great writing by independent authors!

These are just a few of her many books:


To get your free books from Dianne, just cut and paste: http://ow.ly/wgVG304NU9N Enjoy!








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The Great CLANCY TUCKER, Author/ Blogger Extraordinaire

ClancyTuckerHeadshotLet me introduce you to Clancy Tucker, whom I met three-four years ago when he graciously invited me onto his wonderful blog. As you will see, this great storytelling author/photographer/activist certainly has an impressive biography. But what has equally always impressed me about him is his perpetual generosity, kindness, and eagerness to help people everywhere. Thank you, Clancy, for reaching out to me and many others. You bring continuous education, enjoyment, and care to the world.


Amazon Profile:

Clancy Tucker is an Australian writer of young adult fiction, a photographer, publisher, and sometime poet. Thus far, he has had 146 short stories, numerous bush poems, 23 manuscripts, and many photographs published all over the world. “Gunnedah Hero” was his first published novel. The sequel, “A Drover’s Blanket,” was his second book and since then, he has written numerous stories about the same family. Clancy has also won many awards, including three in the Australian National Literary Awards. “Gunnedah Hero” has won two of them. He’s lived in four countries, speaks three languages and draws on his life’s experiences to write enthralling stories. Clancy is also a Human Rights activist and a social justice campaigner.


Clancy Tucker LINKS:

Click here to see his highly eclectic, world-renown blog

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A Preliminary Feature of the fine P.C. Zick, here is her explanation and excerpt of her wonderful book, “Live From The Road”

P.C. Zick - Author/Editor

Put down the pen someone else gave you.
No one ever drafted a life worth living on borrowed ink.
Jack Kerouac

The Road Where Fiction and Reality Collide

By P.C. Zick (Originally appeared on Stacy Eaton’s blog Authors from Everywhere )

Jack Kerouac’s On the Road inspired me to take my own journey down the Mother Road in 2007. I knew I’d write something about the trip, but I wasn’t sure what it would be. I wrote some articles for the magazine where I worked at the time, but they were nonfiction travelogue pieces. They didn’t convey some of the hilarity and magic that happened when my friend and our two daughters hit Route 66, starting in Chicago and ending in L.A. nine years ago.

A year after the journey, I decided that fiction would be my vehicle for capturing the essence of the trip. I changed all the specifics…

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EffrosyniWrites Offers Author Services and Book Promotions

FROM NICHOLAS C. ROSSIS blog all about Effrosyni Moushoudi and her wonderful promotional help for authors!

Click on “Source” below and find out more about her services:

The last of my pay-it-forward series, today’s post is dedicated to EffrosyniWrites and her author services. For a while now, Effrosyni has been offering services to authors and receiving smal…

Source: EffrosyniWrites Offers Author Services and Book Promotions


Thank you, Pat Zick, for featuring me on your blog! It lets me share how wonderfully colorful western cowboy lingo truly is…

P.C. Zick - Author/Editor

cropped-typewriter.jpgIt’s already hump day, and that means another installment of Author Wednesday. I’m very excited today to welcome S.R. Mallery. I know her as Sarah, and I’m proud to say that not only have I had the privilege of working with her as an editor, but she has also become a dear friend in this sometimes isolated profession as an author and editor. She’s a gem, and she’s just published her first “Wild West” historical romance, The Dolan Girls.DOLAN_GIRLS_large

From S.R. Mallery on writing The Dolan Girls

When an author keeps on writing one particular genre, people naturally assume his or her choice of reading material is undoubtedly in that same genre. I pen mostly historical fiction; ergo, my TBR pile must be filled with books of that same ilk.

No, not necessarily. Although I do read practically every fictional genre, I tend to gravitate toward mysteries, thrillers, and…

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Benefits of Reading Infographic

I couldn’t resist re blogging this one. Love the sentiment, LOVE the vintage graphics!

The Metamorphosis Journal

82 delicious layers, 12 hours of work dedicated to those who adore reading and book. Feel free to share it, and if you wish to make a print of this for educational purposes, don’t hesitate to contact me in order to get a free, print-resolution copy.

benefits of reading

Update: Some people asked for a print of this infographic. But, unfortunately, they had problems with meeting printing requirements. If you wish to have it ready in print, it’s available here on Zazzle. You can change the size as it please you, but please consider keeping the text readable.

Cette infographie en français

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Review: “The Dolan Girls” by S.R. Mallery

This very lovely feature today is from the fine author and very gracious person, Christoph Fischer


28099855“The Dolan Girls” by S.R, Mallery is an instantly captivating historical novel set in the 1800s. It follows the life of Irish immigrants in Nebraska. A well written and clever narrative shows us the Dolan women’s trials and tribulations: as women, as Irish and family members.
This is heart warming and tragic at times, but “Hope springs eternally” and there is an optimistic and positive touch through all the tragedy.
As European reader interested in historical fiction I was particularly pleased withy how much I learned from the book. Hugely enjoyable.

Blurb: The Dolan Girls by S. R. Mallery has it all. Set in Nebraska during the 1800s, whorehouse madams, ladies of the night, a schoolmarm, a Pinkerton detective, a Shakespeare-quoting old coot, brutal outlaws, and a horse-wrangler fill out the cast of characters. Add to the mix are colorful descriptions of an 1856 land rush, Buffalo Bill and his…

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Review & Giveaway: The Dolan Girls by S. R. Mallery

Thank you so much, Melinda Hence, for reviewing and featuring THE DOLAN GIRLS today!



About The Dolan Girls

The Dolan Girls by S. R. Mallery has it all. Set in Nebraska during the 1800s, whorehouse madams, ladies of the night, a schoolmarm, a Pinkerton detective, a Shakespeare-quoting old coot, brutal outlaws, and a horse-wrangler fill out the cast of characters. Add to the mix are colorful descriptions of an 1856 land rush, Buffalo Bill and his Wild West Show, Annie Oakley, bank/train robberies, small town local politics, and of course, romance. Two, in fact!

My Review

The Dolan girls will pull at your heart, especially Cora. No surprise the many challenges women faced during the 1800’s Wild West, however their strength and resilience pulled them through these rough and rugged times. Mallery provides solid characters, crude outlaws, and notable figures such as Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill along with historical references as they roll across the pages like tumbleweed. A compelling read with strong themes…

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About This Site…

I love history––all faceTweetUGts of it!  Not only that, I love to share things about history. Hence, this new blog which will include tidbits, articles, posts, links about events, people, places in history that tickle my fancy, and hopefully in the process, tickle yours!

One week it might be about older films that I hope you will enjoy. The next, a post about what medical damage various corsets–whalebone or otherwise–had on the health of women throughout the ages. In addition, with his full permission, of course, I will also be reblogging wonderful historical posts written by the great Clancy Tucker.

SEWING_CAN_BE_DANGEROUS_smallBut I have another project in mind for this blog and that is my KINDNESS KORNER. Under that category/page, I have included a growing list of authors, bloggers,   tweeters, FB sharers, promoters, etc; people who have been SO KIND to me during  this wonderful author’s journey I’ve been experiencing  for the last few years. Because I believe so firmly in payback, this page is my homage to those who have enriched my life with their generosity of spirit, their willingness, nay, eagerness to share, and their deep understanding of the writer’s life. Slowly but surely, I shall go down the list, featuring  these lovely souls…